Noen bilder jeg har redigert.

M bare legge ut noen bilder jeg synes er morsomme.


Dropping something, catching it in mid air, and thinking to yourself, I'm a fucking ninja.?

I hate when someone stays behind me when I'm using my computer.

I'm like

can I help you?

This is what happens when I try to take photos of myself.

That awkward moment when you're yelling at someone and you mess up a word.

I love Pandas, they're so chill. They're like 'Dude, racism is stupid. I'm White, Black, and Asian''

My parents think I do nothing all day.

Bitches please, I run a blog.


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Mine kule meninger

30.jan.2011 kl.09:30

Haha, s morsomme, kjente meg jo igjen i noen av dem jo :D


31.jan.2011 kl.15:43

haha en av dem var faktisk fra Harry Potter

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